Founded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Stream-Flo Industries manufactures many products for the worldwide oil and gas industry.  P J Operating Corp. represents Stream-Flo’s surface safety valves (ESDs).

Surface Safety Valves (ESDs)
Stream-Flo manufactures a self-contained hydraulic actuated surface safety valve, also known as an emergency shutdown (ESD) valve.  This product is used for the automatic closing of gate valves on wellheads and flow lines during an emergency event.  The system includes a hydraulic actuator, manual hydraulic pump and control assembly, a reverse-acting gate valve, and some form of tripping control(s).  Not only does this system not require flow line pressure, gases, or electricity for power, the system is emissions free and does not release gases or liquids into the environment.

The system is self-contained and requires no flow line pressure, compressed air, gases, or electricity for power.  Instead, the system utilizes its own clean, contaminant-free, closed-loop hydraulics to power and control the actuation component.


Stream-Flo ESD Brochure