Wellmaster Tuff Drive Shoes (TDS) made from quality hardened steel tube to protect your casing to prevent splitting during casing advancement.  Wellmaster’s TDS are dipped in a coating to prevent corrosion and rust and are tested to maintain proper and consistent hardness.  Drive shoes come in sizes 2″ through 36″ and come in five styles:

  • Cable Tool Style – standard design for cable tool drilling and can be used in rotary drilling.  The outer surface of the shoe is straight with no bevel.
  • Rotary Style – outside bevel above the cutting edge to ensure a good seat where driving may not be possible.
  • Threaded Style – threaded to accommodate threaded casing or pipe.
  • Weld On Style – designed for slip fit over casing or pipe and then welded in place to secure shoe.
  • Budget Style – not hardened and are generally more economical.